Zigong Dongxingsi Masterplan
Location: Zingong, China
Gross Floor Area: 1,286,000 sq.m
Site Area: 80ha (+52ha)
The master plan is designed to achieve a cohesive image for the new Zigong. The formation of buildings reinforces the importance of the Fuxi River with buildings addressed to the river and coordinated along important streets. Urban building clusters organize the concept and important geographic points along the river.

The general land use plan is comprised of the fundamental types. Higher density residential blocks are located along the river drive, terracing in height from the river and riverfront drive up to the central arterial road. These blocks would include retail service uses along street fronts. Higher density commercial clusters are situated at important intersections or points of geography. Mixed use blocks include commercial, residential, and institutional buildings with a variety of building heights and forms.
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