Zhuhai Cyber Plaza
Location: Zhuhai, China
Gross Floor Area: 40,730 sq.m

International Competition Winner
Besides fulfilling all the tight programmatic, technical and structural requirements, MHKW managed to define a unique image that is suitable for a technological building. It achieved this aim by dividing the program into six very specific images. The first and most important is the question of the arrival. MHKW accomplished this by raising the building 6-storeys and creating a ground level colonnade plaza, directly on axis to the major street corner intersection. This hard surfaced plaza complements the second image, more of a traditional Chinese landscape. A 3-storey translucent podium was introduced into the composition providing all the public services. A ramp completes this ground level composition by connecting the plaza, garden and podium images with a roof garden.

The technological requirement of the competition is expressed in an 8-storey square box supporting the enclosing office tower. A gold curtain wall designed to reflect the southern Chinese sun also provides a distinctive icon for the new Zhuhai City Centre. At night this component takes on the image of a suspender radiance. This vertical composition concludes with a roof observation tower, telecommunications antennae and a light beacon.
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