Shanghai Mixed Use Development
Location: Shanghai, China
Gross Floor Area: 50,000 sq.m
This project dealt with revitalizing a significant portion of land that sits adjacent to the Huangpu River, and placed diagonally from the Lujiazhi Financial Center. Intertwined into the urban fabric, the Fuxing Block is being redeveloped as Shanghai’s newest central hub.

The master plan proposed takes its form from the circular shapes found within the existing buildings of the Bund which is located to the north of the site. The result is a pure collection of cylinders placed on a green blanket of green space and hard surface pedestrian routes and piazzas. Linked by a common form (ribbon of commercial/retail stores), the objects enter a thoughtful urban design dialogue through their position on the site. Each building is wrapped with a different skin that plays to the structures interior function, and exterior relationship to its surroundings. As a whole, the project creates a striking image from every viewpoint, and functions as a catalyist to revitalize he Fuxing block as a major destination point in Shanghai.
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