Nolita Mixed-use Development
Location: Beijing, China
Gross Floor Area: 320,000 sq.m

Beijing Urban Planning Award 2002
The architectural intension was to transform the site of irregular roads and mazes of low two story houses into an urban experience similar to the model of Nolita in New York. The reconstruction was linked to an ambitious plan for a mixed use district, with residential, commercial, gardens, and a pedestrian scale.

A natural corollary of the project is in the linking of areas of the city that have been divided. To achieve this two bold new boulevards were added to make city connections and as a result establish a grid system imposed on the site. The northern most block are connected with a long rectangular garden: a planted pedestrian route modeled on Nolita with trees and water and bordered with new office and residential blocks. In the central block, a new “central park” with lavish planting in an explicitly manner will form the focal point for a new mixed use district of the site. Dense housing development is balanced by community centre and sporting activities. The new city grid structure replaces the old traditional maze with work places and homes in green but urban, setting.
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