Chengdu South District Masterplan
Location: Chengdu, China
Site Area: 269 acres
The overall site of the Chengdu South District Masterplan provides a remarkable opportunity to make a defining centralizing district that will encompass the city hall precinct and adjacent park, and at the same time give much needed identity to the surrounding area. Within this, the three-block competition site demonstrates the wide range of architectural expressions allowed by the planning of the overall scheme that are possible when there is a logical and well-considered planning regulatory framework.

We propose to aggregate the sites into four block formations, each approximately 250m x 250m, to form seven urban garden squares so that every single site has access to a green space and every location in the district has a desirable entry point that allows for architecturally imaginative entries to individual buildings. Each block then both participates in the great park and its own garden square. The garden squares are diverse in their nature providing tea houses in the great Chengdu tradition, pavilions, play areas, gardens, pools and ponds, outdoor restaurants and theatres. On foot or on bicycle, one can navigate the whole system of urban garden squares, and appreciate the beauty of this carefully designed public realm.
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