Chengdu Fenghuang Mountain District Materplan
Location: Chengdu, China
Site Area: 10.47

International Competition Winner
The plan offers 9 precincts with strong individual character which results from their special respective places in the plan. Each of the precincts exudes unique qualities and amenities. The nine precincts include: Phoenix Mountain, The Garden Precinct, The Phoenix Centre, The East Island Precinct, The West Island Precinct, The Lakes District, The Links Precinct, The Tower Precinct and The River Precinct.

Within all of these precincts, our design is concerned with experience, with spatial configuration with the relationship between the solid of building and the void of the spaces they frame. This is a design in which buildings have two rolls: to be wonderful objects and to be mosaic parts which form a larger idea composed of public streets, squares, parks and the natural landscape. The plan does not make large parcels within which anything might happen, but proposes instead, blocks of buildings which form the spatial network of the overall site as a complement to the natural phenomenon of the mountain.
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