Michael H.K. Wong Architects Inc. was formed in 1976 and is presently one of the most progressive firms in the Canadian architectural scene. Since its inception, the company's ongoing philosophy has been a practical yet sensitive approach to design. This is accomplished mainly due to the efficiency of of Mr.Wong and his team of passionate professionals commited to the ideals of architectural excellence.


"A building is manifested by fulfilling its functional and economic requirements; when it also evokes an emotional response from its users and the general public, it is architecture."   - Michael H.K. Wong

With it`s main office located in Toronto, Canada, the firm has been established to furnish its clientele with comprehensive architectural services. Michael H.K. Wong has fostered for almost four decades a spirit of cooperation and teamwork among his designers and architects who, working within a studio atmosphere, have established a creative milieu which is intimate, challenging, and productive. The end result is personal attention given to the clients needs, covering a wide range of services by a core staff of highly skilled professionals.


MHKW has been involved in a large variety of projects across North America, as well as abroad. The firm has representatives in various cities around Asia to meet the requirements of its clientele. The practice specializes in educational, institutional, commercial, residential and recreational architectural projects, but focuses on the direction towards environmental architectural solutions and projects focusing on the future direction of technology, such as telecommunications.